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    S999 Sterling Silver Hetian Jade Peach Blossom Safety Lock Bracelet

    S999 Sterling Silver Hetian Jade Peach Blossom Safety Lock Bracelet

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    Design: Chinese elements symbolize abundant love and blessings with the auspicious lock, while the blooming peach blossom represents romantic fortune. The bracelet features an elastic design for easy wearing, adorned with a Hetian jade pendant.

    ⭐Packaged with a gift box and a polishing silver cloth.


    ⭐Bracelet: S999 Pure Silver Half Bangle

    ⭐Pendant: Hetian Jade

    ⭐Weight: 12.34 grams

    ⭐Wrist circumference: 13-17 cm


            Auspicious Lock: 15.2 x 20.5mm

            Peach Blossom: 8.5 x 8mm

            Hetian Jade: 7.8mm

            Small Hetian Jade: 6mm

    The centerpiece of this bracelet is the auspicious lock symbol, representing abundant love and blessings. It is thoughtfully designed to capture the essence of Chinese culture and tradition. The lock clasp complements the delicate peach blossom, symbolizing romantic fortune and blossoming love.

    The bracelet is made of S999 pure silver, a pure and lustrous silver alloy. This silver half bangle is meticulously crafted with precise craftsmanship, resulting in a smooth and exquisite finish. Accompanying the bracelet is a Hetian jade pendant, adding elegance and meaning. Hetian jade is renowned for its high quality and is believed to bring harmony, luck, and protection.

    The bracelet weighs 12.34 grams and has a wrist circumference of 13-17 cm, providing a comfortable and secure fit. The auspicious lock measures 15.2 x 20.5mm, the peach blossom measures 8.5 x 8mm, and the Hetian jade beads measure 7.8mm and 6mm respectively.

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