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    Gold-Plated Baroque Freshwater Pearl Peach Blossom Brooch

    Gold-Plated Baroque Freshwater Pearl Peach Blossom Brooch

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    Introducing our exquisite 14K Gold-Plated Baroque Style Freshwater Pearl Peach Blossom, a symbol of elegance and beauty. This unique piece is crafted with premium materials, showcasing the natural grace and charm of freshwater pearls.

    The base metal of the peach blossom is made of brass, plated with 14K gold, radiating a luxurious brilliance. Delicate flower petals are adorned with sparkling cubic zirconia, shimmering with radiance, adding a touch of charm to the design.

    What sets this peach blossom apart is the use of natural freshwater seashell to create the intricate petal details. Each petal is delicately crafted from genuine seashell, capturing its iridescent beauty and reflecting the enchanting colors of the ocean. This organic element adds a touch of nature-inspired charm and uniqueness to the design, making it truly captivating.


    At the center of the peach blossom, a shining baroque-style freshwater pearl is delicately nestled. Each pearl is carefully selected for its irregular shape and natural beauty, making each piece truly unique. The organic and asymmetrical characteristics of baroque pearls add an artistic charm and personality to the design.



    Base Metal: 14K Gold-Plated Brass

    Petal Metal: 
    natural freshwater seashell

    Decoration: Baroque-style Freshwater Pearl

    Size: 3.9 x 3.9cm


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